401 Must have IELTS words

Let us boost your vocabulary a bit more today. In all my classes, you learn new words that are rather IELTS centric. It’s no fun for me 🙁 however it gets you bonus points in the IELTS. However, not all words need to be IELTS.

You will already know most of the words here, so you have actually started without starting…hmm..that makes sense 🙂

The strategy to use with this tiny list of words is to do at least ten a day and I mean only 10. Try to construct sentences with them, use the Advanced Oxford Dictionary to help you out.  Our blog has a direct feed with the Oxford Database. What more do we need !! Use them and impress your IELTS examiner. 

Here is a link to download a shortened version of the AWL.

abandon anesthesia berate compensate
abduction animism biased complex
abstract annex bitterly complication
accumulate anomaly bond component
accuracy anticipate bribery compress
accuse antipathy bulk concentrated
acquire apex burden condemn
acquisition apprehend bureaucratic confide
adapt arbitrary candidate conflict
addictive arrogantly capricious connotation
adjacent artillery cartel conquest
adjust ascertain cast consciously
adolescent assail catastrophic consequence
advent assess cause constraint
adversely asset cease contamination
advocate assimilate certifiably contemplate
affection associate charismatic contemptuous
affluence astrological chronologically contest
aggravate atheist circulate context
aggregate augment civil contrary
agnostic authority clique convey
allegedly battle coalition convict
allegiance be inclined to coerce core
allocate   cohesion corrode
amateurish   coincide counter
ambiguous   collapse cremation
amend   collide cultivation
analyze   combustion cumbersome
cure diminish exalt hazardous
curriculum discretely exclusive hedonistic
cynically discriminate exotic hierarchy
de facto disease expeditiously hilarious
decipher dispose of exploit horror
decline distill exponentially humiliation
decrepit distinctly extinction hypocritically
degrade distort extract hypothesize
deify diverse famine illiterate
delinquency divination fatally impact
denominator domesticate feasibly impair
denote dynamic feature implant
deny ecclesiastical fertilize implement
depict election flood  
deplete elementally fluctuate implicate
derive elite folklore implicitly
descendant emission forensics impoverish
despise engender fortify improvisation
despondent enterprising fossilize in common
detain entrepreneurial fringe in the trenches
detection equity gala inaugurate
deviant erode gap incentive
devise erudite generation incompetent
devotion eruption grotesque indisputable
dilemma esthetically guilty industrious
dimension evade gut inference
  evidence haggle infinitesimal
  evolve haunt inflation
inherent kin overlap ingenious
inheritance lease obtain prejudiced
inhibit legitimate offense prestige
inject liability oppress prevailing
innovative longitude paradigm prevalent
inquiry loyal parallel privileged
inscription luxury parochial procedure
installation maintenance passion process
integrally manipulation paternal prognosis
integrity marginal peer proliferation
intensify maximize per capita promote
intentionally meditate permeate proportion
interdict medium persevere proportionately
intermediary merchant persist proprietor
intervene merit perspective prosper
intrepid migration phantom prototype
intrinsic milieu phonetic proximity
intrusively minimum photosynthesis psychic
intuitively misconception physical rank
invasive mobilize pious rate
invoke modify piracy ratio
irrigation net plunge realism
jointly necessary policy  
  nobility poll  
  notion portrayal juxtapose
  nucleus potent  
  obese precipitation  
  objectively predicament  
rebel self-perpetuating simulation unleash
recede sentiment skit unmask
reciprocity sequence smuggle vanish
reconciliation severely solar vanity
reform shame sole vein
regulate shrink solidarity verdict
relic shuttle source versus
reservoir sibling spectrum vestige
residual   stable villainy
resign   status quo violation
resist   stigmatize vitriolic
retain   strategic vulnerable
retrieve   striking willing
reward   structure witness
rigor   subsidy working class
rite   subtly wound
ritually   surveillance zeal
roster   survive  
rotate   suspect  
sacrifice   suspend  
safeguard   suspicious  
saga   symbolic  
scandal   tangible  
scar   terminal  
secular   tolerate  
seep   trend  
seize   trigger