5 Cool Idioms for your IELTS exam

Using idiomatic language is a unique way to impress your examiner. Check these 5 idioms out…

1) “As easy as pie” or “Piece of cake”

When something is easy as pie, that means it is easy to do.

Sentence: I like to do Maths than most students because they say it is difficult, but for me, it is as easy as pie.

2) “Not my cup of tea”

Something that is not easy for you to do, like a skill.

Sentence: I tried skating many times at Alau Ice centre but I never did it well because it is not my cup of tea.

3) “In a nut shell”

Most of us in Russian say na karochi,..well next time all you have to say is “In a nutshell” when you want to summarize.

Sentence 1: Give me the facts in a nut-shell

Sentence 2: In a nut shell, you need to eat more because your quite skinny.

4) “Couch potato”

A couch potato is one who watches TV and does nothing all day. A lazy person.

Sentence 1: Tom isn’t even trying to find a new job, whats more he’s become a couch potato.

5) “Fish out of the water” 

Not feeling comfortable with something or a situation.

Sentence 1: In my first job, I always felt like a fish out of water because I didn’t know what I had to do.