How to answer interview questions in English – Why did you leave your last job? Pt. 1

Let’s examine a question that is asked in every interview if you’ve had a job previous to the one you’re interviewing for.

Why did you leave your last job?

The interviewer wants to know the reason you no longer work at your previous job.

You can answer this question in several ways. What I’m going to show you is how to use more than just basic phrases.

If you were fired, you could say ‘I was fired!’. I would highly recommend you don’t respond this way. When you use the word ‘fired’ it has a negative meaning. It also implies that it was your fault.

Instead,  you can replace this phrase with ‘I was let go’. When you say ‘let go’, its not a negative thing. ‘Let go’ isn’t negative because it doesn’t imply that it was your fault. You can explain further by saying, ‘My position was no longer available, so i was let go’.

Here are some other explanations you can use.

‘The company i worked for had a change in management, so my position was no longer available.’

‘My department was disolved, so they let me go.’

‘They decided to go a diferent direction with a new employee, so i was let go’
There can be several reasons that an employee is let go. It’s important to use language that doesn’t carry a negative undertone. I’m sure if you apply this you’ll be well on your way to a great interview.

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In the next article we’ll discuss how to answer the same question if you quit your last job.

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