How to write your Introduction – Writing Task II

Now this week I thought I would write a simple post about Introductions for Writing tasks. Those of you in my class should kind of know how to write a good introduction.

What’s the best way to write one? Most students write. “I am going to talk to you about…..”

If your thinking of writing the sentence above, Don’t…..yes….please don’t.

Here are 3 ways I think makes a good Intro.

1) Use a quote.

If you know a quote that you can link to your introduction. Use it as a starter to your essay. For example. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is often said by parents and teachers. However do we really follow this in the modern world, some people say…..
So you guessed our topic is related to unhealthy eating, obesity, health problems etc.

2) Use an example

Writing task 2 is all about examples in one way. So start your answer describing your essay with your experience. For example, if your talking about “Why capital punishment should be abolished ?. You can say:
In 1950, a US citizen convicted of murder was later found by investigators to be innocent 20 years after his sentence when they reopened the case. This shows that ….

3) Use a statistic 

“7 out of eight people in Japan were found to have started smoking by the age of 10”. This now grips your readers and they want to read your opinion. Don’t invent statistics, it is better if you write what you know already or something you read in a quality newspaper.

So now you know how to start your awesome essay of awesome-ness.

All the best my dear students and fellow readers.

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